Dry Lab Paper


LIVE minilab papers from Felix Schoeller are ideal for small-format prints with vivid colours. The individual surfaces also emphasise different motifs in their expression. Therefore, a wide variety of applications can be realised on all common inkjet kiosk systems,

LIVE photo products have a special coating, the so-called Image Protection Layer (IPL). This ensures high scratch resistance, both in the printer and in the application. For long-lasting photos that give pleasure.

Special photos deserve special haptics, that’s why you will find special structures in addition to the classic surfaces. The pyramid surface makes motifs look even more vivid and the matt surfaces give a soft impression or a rough structure if desired.

Black and white photography is also very popular in the Minilab area. Especially matt surfaces give a noble, mirror-free impression. The products of our LIVE fine art range are especially suitable for this purpose

https://digital-media.felix-schoeller.com/en/products/dry-minilab-inkjet Made in Germany

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