Solvent Print Media

Solvent Print Media – Our Large Format Solvent Print Media solutions, are optimized with a special coating that is ideal for Eco-solvent and Latex inkjet printing. Suitable for:

Mimaki using SS2, SS21 Solvent and ES3 Eco-Solvent Inks.

Epson using UltraChrome GS, Eco solvent inks.

Roland using ESL3, Eco-Sol MAX inks.

HP Latex Printers – Hewlett Packard’s DesignJet series using Latex inks.

Print Media for Solvent Inkjet Printers

MIMAKI Eco-Solvent print media Specifically coated for Mimaki ES3 Eco-Solvent Inks. Premium Eco-Solvent print media with a stunning colour gamut, performance and super sharp print quality. Our quality print media will produce fantasic prints with your Mimaki Large Format Printer.

EPSON Solvent Print Media – Specially coated print media for Epson UltraChrome solvent ink technology and Epson Sure Colour Inks. This print media that is coated for Epson Solvent printers. Our print media will enhance your performance and colour reproduction, producing fantastic printed images with your Epson printer and our print media.

Roland Eco-Sol MAX print media- specially coated print media for Roland solvent printers. Roland printers are known for offering fast dry times and a wide range of colours. Fortunately, our print media for Roland Eco-Solvent inks, reproduces these great qualities. Try our products today and see why so many are choosing our print media for their Roland printers.

HP Latex print media – specially coated print media for latex printers –  HP Latex media solutions, some materials have been specifically designed for the latex technology, while other materials initially designed for alternative technologies have been found to be cross compatible with the HP Latex. All the materials that can be found in this product section have been qualified for use with the HP Latex technology.

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