80 gsm Bond Paper – 76 mm ( plain paper copiers )

80gsm Bond paper on a 76mm core.

Designed for plain paper copiers, plan printers and digital copiers.

80gsm Bond Paper is ideal for everyday plotting, technical drawings and illustrations. It shows crisp lines, high-contrast colour and sharp-looking characters.

Ideal economical plotting paper for ues in Oce | KIP | Canon | Xerox | Seiko | Kyocera | Triumph Adler | Nashua.

Suitable for most popular brands of plain paper copiers (plan printers)

Ideal for technical applications that require high precision & excellent clarity.

– CAD paper ideal for everyday plotting
– Shows sharp lines and high-contrast colour for CAD and technical drawings, plans, 3D renders.

80gsm Bond Paper It is the economical choice for CAD, technical drawings, plans, 3D renders, technical draft and proofing applications that demand precision for the GIS, AEC and CAD industries

Ideal plotting paper for ues in Oce, KIP, Canon , Xerox, Seiko, Kyocera, Triumph Adler, Nashua  printers  .

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