One Way Vision

One Way Vision is a special perforated vinyl for Eco solvent, Solvent and Latex printers

Designed to be printed on one side and can be seen through from the opposite side. Providing privacy and solar control benefits to people inside buildings and vehicles without blocking their view outside

A design is printed on one side of the material, which is perforated, allowing it to appear solid from one side and translucent from the other. It has many applications, from vehicle windows to shop window signage.

Benefits of using One Way Vision perforated film?

The ability to apply signage to a window without obscuring the view of those inside the building or vehicle.
Wherever One-Way Vision is applied, the retailer and customers maintain a clear view, while the interior also benefits from solar shading.
One-Way film is easy to apply and to remove.
Added safety to all business vehicle, due to obscured view from outside.

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